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Improve Attention With Filipino Martial Arts In Dubai

One of the major transferable benefits of studying and practicing a martial art in today’s modern society is its effect on the students ability to hold attention. Attention, like a muscle can be strengthened and developed.

The more attentive a person is the more they are able to pick up and absorb. This almost always results in better outcomes being produced. Attention is a sort of super power, especially in this day and age of very short attestation spans.

In Al Areen Martial Arts we get many students from Dubai walk through our doors from all ages and backgrounds with very weak attention muscles. We resolve this problem by using ancient martial arts training methods that demand for their attention to strengthen and develop.

How? By using the Filipino Martial Arts AKA Eskrima, Kali, Arnis. Because it’s a weapon based art it demands a higher level of attention compared to unarmed fighting arts. The hands, feet, wrest and finger placement together with the timing and force required to do even a basic movement in this art automatically ups the students’ attention.

Provided they keep training in the art their attention span cannot help but improve. This spills off into others areas of life. We have seen our students do better at school, work, business and other sports and activities as a direct result of training in the Filipino Martial Arts.

Alareen Martial Arts is a Dubai based training academy that teaches Thai Boxing and Filipino Martial Arts. We offer 2 group trial classes for Free. Book your class now by contacting us through

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